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How is CyberTex adapting to Covid-19 outbreak?

Dear Comunity, the safety and health of our employees and students comes first. In compliance with federal, state and local guidelines, we have started hybrid online classes and virtual enrollment process for all programs until further notice, please call us and learn more about our hybrid online learning environment.

At present we are asking all Staff, Students, Prospective Students to adhear to following guidelines before showing up to Austin & Killeen Campus. Covid-19 Policy and Procedures. Anyone found not following these policy and procedures will be sent back. Please reach out to respective campus directors for any clairfications.

Is there a test required before I can enroll?

Generally, a test is not required prior to enrolling in courses/programs offered at CyberTex Institute of Technology (CIT) with the following disclaimer.  
Prospective CIT students for training courses/programs must have the ability to read at a basic 8th grade level.  Prospective students may demonstrate this requirement a number of ways, including, but not limited to: providing the school with a high school diploma, official transcript or GED, or demonstrating proficiency of 70% or above in reading on the TABE, adult basic skills assessment test, Form 9, pages 1-9.  Students are required to have a proficient command of the English language in order to attend classes. Prospective students who don’t possess High School Diploma, GED, official transcript, diploma or not able to demonstrate graduation from a foreign High School will not be eligible to participate in any Title IV Financial Aid programs.


How soon can I start?

Since CyberTex Institute of Technology (CIT) does not follow the traditional semester-based model, class schedules are flexible and generally start on a monthly basis.  As soon as an applicant completes all the enrollment requirements and is accepted, the applicant can begin their path to a new career with the very next class start at CIT.

Is there an application fee?

No, there is no application fee for applying to enroll in courses/programs at CyberTex Institute of Technology.

If I start with Day Classes, can I switch to Night Classes later?

Yes, it is possible to switch from Day Classes to Night Classes later and vice versus.  Since CyberTex Institute of Technology (CIT) does not follow the traditional semester-based model, class schedules are flexible.  However, there might be restrictions based on funding sources that students may have.   Class switches are discouraged, but not prohibited.  The student must show a valid reason for requesting a switch. CIT strives to meet the needs of students and understands that flexibility is the key to addressing these needs.

Are any of the courses/classes offered online?

Currently, CyberTex Institute of Technology (CIT) does not offer any courses/classes online.   Some courses/programs have a lab component and require direct “hands-on” learning experiences.   With an eye to the future, CIT is always exploring new options and more efficient methods that will meet the needs of students.

How often are the classes offered?

It depends.  Since CyberTex Institute of Technology (CIT) does not follow the traditional semester-based curriculum, there’re no set enrollment periods.  CIT students can start at different intervals throughout the year.  Terms are usually set for every 4 to 6 weeks.

Are my credits transferable?

Transfer of Credits within school—Students who wish to transfer from one program to another within CyberTex Institute of Technology (CIT) will receive full credit for all subjects taken and passed that apply to the newly requested program.  CIT will count transfer hours that apply toward the student’s current program in determining SAP Transfer hours and will be counted as both hours attempted and hours completed. 
Transfer of Credits from other schools—Any student enrolling for the first time is eligible to receive credit, for previous coursework, if it is determined that the subject matter of the credit meets all areas of the subject the student is requesting credit for.  A transcript must be provided when credit is to be allowed for prior education and/or training. The transferability of credits earned at this school may be limited depending upon the policies of the school to which a student may wish to transfer credits. CyberTex Institute of Technology (CIT) does not guarantee that other institutions will allow transfer of credits. Transfer Students applying for Title IV aid at CIT will be checked against NSLDS to be sure the student has not received Title IV financial aid for the same academic year at another institution.

How long do my certifications last?

The expiration dates for most certifications varies.  Some certifications are “open-ended” permanent certifications.  Other certifications require a renewal and may involve a continuing education/training component.  You are invited to contact CyberTex Institute of Technology (CIT) for additional information. 

Do you accept VA Benefits?

As a Veteran or a spouse of Active Duty personnel, you may have training and placement benefits available to you through CyberTex Institute of Technology (CIT) is offering training and job placement opportunities and active duty spouses at no cost to them by utilizing their benefits.   CIT is an approved Texas Veterans Commission,, training provider.  CIT accepts the following benefits:
  • Chapter 30 – Montgomery GI Bill
  • Chapter 31 – Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Chapter 32 – Veterans Education Assistance Program (VEAP)
  • Chapter 33 – Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act
  • Chapter 35 – Survivors and Dependents Benefits
  • Chapter 1606 – Montgomery GI Bill – Selected Reserves & Chapter 1607: (REAP)
  • MYCAA – Military Spouse Program
For additional details, review our Veterans and Active Duty Personnel information.

Do you accept TAA or WIA Benefits?

CyberTex Institute of Technology (CIT) is an Eligible Training Provider, certified by the Texas Workforce Commission,  As an eligible Training Provider, CIT accepts TAIA and/or WIA Benefits for students.   

What is the Title IV School Code for CyberTex Institute of Technology?

The school code for CyberTex Institute of Technology (CIT) when completing the FAFSA application is 041878.  

Where can I find more information?

The CyberTex Institute of Technology (CIT) website has a wealth of information available.   Topics are arranged conveniently with immediate responses to most questions.  

Who do I contact if I have a question not in the Frequently Asked Questions?

The CyberTex Institute of Technology (CIT) website is the first place to go to find the information that will answer most questions.  
Also on the CIT website under the heading, Contact Us and the sub-heading, Frequent Contact Information, you can gain access to a list of contact information for personnel who will have answers to questions dealing with admissions, financial aid, academic affairs, student accounts, placement, and/or security.
 If additional information is needed, you call either of the two main CIT telephone numbers, Austin Campus – (512) 454-6116 or Killeen Campus – (254) 634-3500, and staff will connect you with the appropriate individual to answer your questions.  
You are always welcome to stop by at either the Austin Campus at 6300 La Calma Drive, Suite 350 or the Killeen Campus at 2207 A Florence Road, and ask your questions directly to CIT staff.  




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