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CyberTex Mission Statement:

“The mission of CyberTex is to provide individuals with workplace skills that qualify them for initial employment in the workforce and/or career advancement after employment in medical, healthcare, information technology, and business fields.”

CyberTex Vision Statement:

CyberTex Institute of Technology will provide superior, comprehensive, effective, exciting, practical training leading to professional national industry-recognized certifications and vastly improve our graduates' career opportunities.  CyberTex Institute of Technology will provide its graduates the opportunity to obtain financial independence and satisfaction in their careers by empowering them to make a meaningful contribution to themselves, their families and their community.”


About Us:

CyberTex was born out of desire to “Provide a new career path for displaced or termed individuals at lowest possible cost, in the shortest period possible and resulting in immediate fulltime employment in most in-demand careers.”  Wherever you are in your life, we can build upon your experiences in order to get you ready for your new career. 
CyberTex Institute of Technology offers Information Technology (IT), Medical and Healthcare training programs to its students. CyberTex is a “student centric” institution with all services geared towards its goal: get the student into a good job, and in the career of the student’s choice. 
As the students progress through their respective programs, they also attend Job Placement Workshops. Job Placement Coordinators sit with students individually and assist them in basic career planning. Each student is given thorough understanding of the hiring and firing process. Students are also taught how to write effective resumes. 
The students then go through interview strategies that result in mock interviews. They are tested on how they portray themselves and their knowledge in an interview. The gauge for measuring their success in an interview is assessed through both technical and personal questions, after which they are critiqued on how to improve their interview skills.
After training is completed, the Job Placement staff helps students by informing them of positions at different companies and agencies that CyberTex has built rapport with so that students can setup interviews. At this point in the academic process, we fulfill our students’ expectations and ensure our commitment to their success.


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