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Jobs in the healthcare industry are in high demand, which means renowned career training centers like CyberTex Institute of Technology are in high demand, as well. Becoming a medical assistant is an increasingly popular career choice for students aspiring to an exciting job with longevity and reliability, in which they get to utilize both their technical abilities and social skills. Medical assistant schools like CyberTex provide crucial hands-on experience for the real world, among the most effective and respected training facilities of its kind in Texas, serving students in Austin as well as Killeen, TX. 

At CyberTex, our medical assistant school offers not only a comprehensive education, but also vocational training and experience, as well as job placement assistance services and career counseling. Our expert instructors also inform their students of relevant certification opportunities, as they may pertain to each student's specialty or area of focus in this field. Certified Medical Assistant(CMA) credentials, for example, are not necessarily required for employment but many medical assistant schools like CyberTex do provide preparation course work and information on sitting for the test to all interested students.

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So you've decided to train to become a medical assistant? CyberTex Institute of Technology understands you have lots of options for starting medical assistant school. Here, we'll thoroughly prepare you for your day-to-day tasks on the job, like drawing blood samples, organizing patient records, even learning the lingo, among many others. Our aim is to make your training fun, affordable and convenient, with practical classes and two campus locations to serve you in Texas. Contact us today to start your career!


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