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In today's job market, medical training can open the door to a number of exciting careers in healthcare and medical assisting. Doctors, medical specialists, dentists, and healthcare directors are just some of the professionals who rely on those with qualified medical training to assist them in everyday tasks at all kinds of practices nationwide. The quality of medical training at Texas' prestigious CyberTex Institute of Technology(CIT) is ever-expanding to meet the demands of the growing healthcare industry. At CyberTex, our hands-on medical training for medical assistant and medical administrative assistant careers ranks among the best programs in the state. 

Your medical training at CyberTex will prepare you not only for the day-to-day tasks required of you in a healthcare career, but also for the optional Certified Medical Assistant(CMA) exam. Our elite instructors and staff are here to provide you with a top notch education as well as academic support to help you achieve your goals. We aim to provide you with the latest and most relevant medical training, tailored to your needs.

Classes in our medical assistant training program teach everything you need to know about providing patient care services such as taking patient information, performing blood work, recording vital signs, preparing patients for in-office medical procedures, and more. We also offer a medical administrative program, featuring a broad range of courses in additional technical and clerical training, designed to offer a fully-integrated set of skills needed to run a medical office, manage a clinic, or support administrative staff in a medical practice or similar setting. CyberTex also includes prep course work for certification exams and helps guide students through the process of obtaining industry certifications as necessary for their individual professional goals.

Top Medical Assistant Training in Texas

CyberTex Institute of Technology is proud to be at the forefront of the top educational facilities in Texas focusing on career training in this field. We now have two campus locations in Austin and Killeen, TX to accommodate our discerning student population. At CyberTex, we want to help you exceed expectations. Contact us today to find the right medical training program for you. Come learn with us!


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