CyberTex Benefits for Veterans

At CyberTex Institute of Technology we provide expert on-site counselors specifically for veterans, providing any help veteran students may need to reach their scholastic goals. In giving students more information about the choices available, we hope to provide them with a clearer understanding of what degree plan would best fit their specific strengths and professional ambitions. Veteran counselors also offer a variety of other support services such as helping students apply for financial aid and admissions, as well as academic scheduling. We do all we can to leave our veteran students feeling confident and assertive in their ability to reintegrate into the civilian work force and put their new skills to work.

At CyberTex Institute of Technology our veteran benefits include a requisite education training service called Career Exploration, where our counselors use a blend of vocational and planning counseling to support you in making academic choices that are constructive for your career path. Reintegrating back to society after being in the military as well as getting started and on the right path in school can be difficult and exhausting. There is a lot to think about, and feeling indecisive or confused early in the college process is fairly normal. These issues are stressful and distracting, which is why we see to it that you always have someone to help you in whatever way you need. We also offer job search assistance to aid veteran students in finding and maintaining respectable employment. In addition we have created vocational assessment programs to evaluate your specific skills, interests, abilities, and needs. If necessary, we also provide a vocational training program to fit the student's rehabilitation goals.

The VA requires all students receiving veteran benefits be enrolled in a program of study. In addition, the school is required by the VA to only certify courses that are required by a student's program. Repeated courses will only be certified if the initial grade received was lower than required to pass. Counselors help you review the Veterans Checklist and the Federal and State VA Educational Benefits summary to ensure all necessary documents are submitted for the processing of your benefits. Veteran benefits do not exclude you from receiving other financial aid or scholarships.

Veteran Benefits Education Programs Offered at CyberTex Institute of Technology

  • Montgomery GI Bill® (Active Duty)

  • Post-Vietnam Era Educational Assistance Program (VEAP)

  • Montgomery GI Bill® (Selected Reserve)

  • Veteran Readiness and Employment

  • Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

  • Dependents Educational Assistance

  • Reserve Educational Assistance


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