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The mission of CyberTex is to provide individuals with workplace skills that qualify them for initial employment in the
workforce and/or career advancement after employment in medical, healthcare, information technology, and business fields.

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Graduate Testimonials

I really liked everyone in my class, they were funny and they made the course interesting and fun. The instructor was cool and he even had the study material for the class on our computers for us to study; now I am able to make good money without having my back strained. Mike

CyberTex has provided me with a fantastic opportunity to find a long-term career in a field I not only love but one I can excel in. Michael A. Thompson

My Name is Laurie and I am writing this letter to tell everyone about my complete wonderful experience with CyberTex Institute of Technology. If you are here to decide if this is the right choice for you, let me be clear: Sign Up Now! Laurie Long

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