Training Programs at CyberTex

The only programs offered at CyberTex Institute of Technology (CIT) are programs that will result in job opportunities for students. Every year CIT works with the local workforce boards to identify the best careers that have a high growth rate.  Consistently, Information Technology and Healthcare careers have grown by 20% every year.
Once training is completed, the student is certified from a nationally accredited body for their career of choice.  This is done for two main reasons:  First, national certifications make it tremendously easy for a student to get a job since employers look for either experience or recognized training in a particular area.  Second, if a student moves out of the area, their certification will always be accepted where ever they go.
Both long term and short term programs are offered at CIT, realizing the need for both short term occupational training and long term programs to accommodate students desiring a greater knowledge of content in a slower pace of delivery. 
Programs are offered with sufficient frequency for the student to complete the program within the publicized time frame.  Because CIT’s training programs are clock-hour based, the necessity regarding course scheduling is not as encompassing as courses that are credit-hour based.

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